Public Records

Drawings held by Mark Crawley

Date & Time of Drawing ID # Type Name of Drawing Publisher # of Entrants # of Winners
12/12/2022 03:08:16 PM3671Public drawingCMG Lancelot Raffle 2022drawing by Mark Crawley20191
12/13/2021 03:11:17 PM3656Public drawingCMG Esplandida Raffle 2021 in support of the BCTdrawing by Mark Crawley16241
12/14/2020 03:10:56 PM3586Public drawingCMG Lohengrin Raffledrawing by Mark Crawley14491
12/16/2019 02:59:53 PM3492Public drawingCMG Sharif Raffledrawing by Mark Crawley11481
12/17/2018 07:03:46 PM3353Public drawingCMG Gustav Raffledrawing by Mark Crawley10651
12/15/2017 07:12:51 PM3199Public drawingHORSING AROUND TRUST 2018 RAFFLE IN AID OF THE...drawing by Mark Crawley6601
12/14/2016 07:08:00 PM2941Public drawingHORSING AROUND TRUST 2016 RAFFLE IN AID OF THE...drawing by Mark Crawley5141
12/09/2015 07:26:13 PM2528Public drawingHORSING AROUND TRUST 2015 RAFFLE IN AID OF THE...drawing by Mark Crawley3241
12/24/2014 04:27:12 PM1979Public drawingHorsing Around Trust raffle in aid of the...drawing by Mark Crawley3081