Third Party Drawings FAQ

General Questions

  1. Does perform custom randomness jobs?
    Yes. If you can provide a fully detailed account of what you are looking for in terms randomness and project scope, our team of account executives and engineers can discuss the project and come back to you with appropriate costs and a timeline for developing such randomness. Please use the Contact Us page to submit your initial inquiry.
  2. How do I contact
    To contact, simply go to the Contact Us page and fill out the Contact Us form

Randomness Questions

  1. How can you be sure the numbers generated by are really random?
    It is impossible to show that a random number generator is really random, but if you review the results / numbers derived from the generator, you will get a better sense to the randomness that this service's generator affords.

    One way to examine a random number generator is to create a visualisation of the numbers it produces. Humans are really good at spotting patterns, and visualisation allows you to use your eyes and brain directly for this purpose. While you shouldn't consider this type of approach an exhaustive or formal analysis, it is a nice and quick way to get a rough impression of a given generator's performance.

    The bitmap on the left built with a SweepJudge True Random Generator, and the bitmap on the right with a Pseudo-Random Number Generator
    SweepJudge True Random Generator Pseudo-Random Number Generator

    As you can see from the images, the bitmap generated by the pseudo-random number generator shows clear patterns compared to the one generated by SweepJudge's true random number generator
  2. Can help me win the lottery?
    No, cannot help you win the lottery. Since the lottery is randomly generated on its own, the only way to have a better chance then the next individual is to have more lottery tickets.

Third-Party Draw Service Questions

  1. What is the Third-Party Draw Service for?
    The Third-Party Draw Service is a random drawing service that picks the winners for sweepstakes, raffles, promotional giveaways and other contests held by online Web sites, blogs, marketing firms, charities and professional corporations. This service acts as a neutral third party that generates the winners through user interaction and proprietary algorithms.
  2. How much does it cost?
    The cost per drawing is based on the number of entrants. We have created a pricing tool, where you can check the exact cost of your drawing by simply entering the number of entrants. When you conduct a drawing, you will have the ability to select multiple winners.
  3. How do the different types of drawings work?
    Yes. You can conduct a test to better acquaint you with the service, but you will still need to register with the Web site in order to setup your test. With a test drawing, no actual records will be generated, you will just get a better understanding of how the service works.
  4. Why do I need to be careful with public drawings?
    Public drawings are accessible to all visitors / users of through the Public Records page. This allows visitors to see all details of a drawing, including a detailed list of all of the entrants and winners. As such, it is important to select appropriate entrant identifiers (i.e. using ID numbers instead of email addresses or full names). Since public drawings are visible to all users, this means that they are visible to the search engines as well, so please use discretion in the entrant identifier information that you use.
  5. How long do the records of drawings persist?
    Drawing records remain on for at least five years from the day and time on which the drawing was conducted.
  6. How many entrants and winners can there be in a drawing?
    You can upload or paste up to 5,000,000 entrants per drawing and out of those entrants there can be up to 5,000 winners. If you have more than the allotted number of entrants or winners, than please Contact Us and we will perform a custom drawing for you.
  7. Are my entrants' email addresses safe with does not sell or share any email addresses that you upload for a drawing. Email Addresses are solely used to verify an entrant's participation in your drawing. Privacy is a number one priority of this service.
    Additionally, when using entrants' email addresses as the unique identifiers to conduct a drawing, please make sure you select the drawing type as either entrant-accessible or private. This ensures that the email addresses will not be publicly displayed in any fashion.
  8. Can I modify the record of a drawing once it has been completed?
  9. Can I make a public drawing private or vice versa?
    No. You cannot change the drawing type once a drawing has been completed.
  10. Can the same entrant appear multiple times in a single drawing?
    Yes. If you include an entrant identifier more than once, then that entrant will have as many winning chances as his/her identifier was listed. Additionally, if you selected to have an entrant-accessible drawing, then when the entrant enters his/her unique identifier then entrant will find out exactly how many chances he or she had to win.
    In cases where the same entrants appear more than once in the upload process, the third party draw service will inform you of such, and you will have the option to proceed or go back and course correct as necessary.
    Note: You have the option during the drawing creation process to enable entrants with multiple entries to win only once or enable them to win multiple times.