Picking Sweepstakes Winners

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

One of the most critical component of any sweepstakes is selecting the winner(s). After days or even months of people entering your sweepstakes, you need to make sure you have the proper system or third party service in place to select the appropriate amount of winner(s). This is especially important if you run a blog or Web site, where you have loyal users that have entered your sweepstakes each day. If there is any problems in selecting a winner or if the sweepstakes winner(s) were determined to be unfairly selected, this could result in users not returning to your site or blog.

If your contest is small enough, you can use free third party services to select the winner, and if you have a large number of entrants, you will most likely have to use a paid service.

The safest practice when selecting a sweepstakes winner is to use a third party service, so they will be responsible for picking all of the winners.

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