Picking the winner(s) of a sweepstakes

Monday Jan 14, 2013

Being in charge of a sweepstakes can be a very important task. There is a lot that goes into conducting a sweepstakes, including these five (5) items.

1. Getting written rules from a lawyer or third party rules agency
2. Making sure you can fulfill all prizes won by entrants
3. Putting the submission form together, whether it be online or in the mail
4. Reviewing entries to make sure people are following the rules properly.
5. Selecting a third party to pick the winner(s) of your sweepstakes.

The 5th item is very important, as you want to make sure your sweepstakes is as neutral and unbiased as possible. By having a third party select the winner of your sweepstakes, it puts you out of harms way, as the third party will be responsible for randomly selecting the winner(s).

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